Great book! Thanks for exposing Wall Street and the financial services industry for their self-serving, anti-consumer practices. You have created a must-read for everyone who is planning for their financial future.

Kurt H. Jackson

Kurt H. Jackson

CEO / Director - Central Coast Wealth Management, LLC

The advisors at WPE and the Wealth Preservation Institute to a great job in finding solutions that fit the clients needs. I am an advisor and enjoy working with other advisors who are client first, it means a lot to myself and my team.

Lori Daniels

Lori Daniels


In prospecting an influential physician this year, I came across The Doctor’s Wealth Preservation Guide. At first, I used the book only for my own research. After getting no response for a couple of months, I mailed him a copy. The next week, he requested a second meeting. Since that time, we have liquidated businesses, moved substantial amounts of money, written 6 figures in insurance premiums, and built the type of relationship that most advisors only read about.

Physicians are a highly saturated market, who are involved in highly complex strategies they rarely understand in depth. This book addresses these complex strategies in a fact based manner, and in comparison to other complex strategies. Explaining real world application of these strategies to physicians in a way that the opinion based books on the shelf will never do. It has become an exceptional marketing tool for my practice. I look forward to sharing the book and it’s contents with many physicians to come.


& Appreciative Advisor

I was finally able to get through all the information offered in the book.  I would highly recommend the book for anyone who is serious about not loosing their money, or at least looking to become a better insurance or investment consumer.  There is a ton of information that allows readers to cut through the sales hype and offers insights very rarely shared by industry insiders.  Thanks for the education!

James Brenner


This book is the physician’s financial bible. No physician should practice medicine without one.

Kathryn Serks


A well-earned thanks for greatly simplifying my life with a much improved proper corporate structure. Thank you for your expert yet understandable tax and asset protection planning advice in the book. It will make a huge difference for my family. Thank God I read your book.

Tim Kriss