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Controlling Your IRA Assets from the Grave

Protect IRA Assets from Your Children’s Poor Decisions More and more wealth over the coming years will transfer between generations as our population ages. Investment News stated recently that there will be more wealth transferred from one generation to the next over the next 20 years than in any time in our country’s history. Much of the assets transferred will be IRA money. Many readers of this ...

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How Long Will Your Retirement Nest Egg Last? (you’ll be surprised)

As you may know, the average person has not saved very much for retirement. For this newsletter however, I’m going to assume that those who read it have diligently saved and will have $500,000 in savings by the time they retire. This newsletter is meant to get readers to think about how long a saved up retirement nest egg will last. Here’s a hint: not as long as you think. If you are 65-years old ...

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