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Do You Know Your Investment Risk Capacity?

To download a six-page summary explaining risk capacity, click on the following link: Risk Capacity Link Have you ever heard the term “Risk Capacity”? Chances are very high that you have not. Why is that? Most financial professionals focus on the more commonly known term of “Risk Tolerance.” Risk Tolerance is someone’s personal attitude about investment risk, e.g., how comfortable someone is with ...

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A 60/40 Portfolio Can Be Dangerous Today

The conventional wisdom in the financial services industry for the last several decades is that a prudent way to invest money (one that will provide sufficient yields and hedge downside risk) is to use a mix of 60% stocks/mutual funds and 40% bonds. Why a 60/40 mix? The equity part of the portfolio is supposed to drive higher returns but with more risk, and the bond part of the portfolio is suppos...

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Should We Hate Ken Fisher?

Should We Hate Ken Fisher? While my most popular article of all time is: Is Dave Ramsey an Idiot?, I think this article has potential to become my most popular ever. To read a 17 page white paper on what’s wrong with Dave Ramsey, click on the following link: I was motivated to write this article after I sat down and read ...

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How Long Will Your Retirement Nest Egg Last? (you’ll be surprised)

As you may know, the average person has not saved very much for retirement. For this newsletter however, I’m going to assume that those who read it have diligently saved and will have $500,000 in savings by the time they retire. This newsletter is meant to get readers to think about how long a saved up retirement nest egg will last. Here’s a hint: not as long as you think. If you are 65-years old ...

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